Govt should not penalise jobseekers for not applying online, says report

Govt should not penalise citizens for not applying online, says report

Critical of digital by default policy

A report by Citizens Advice Scotland has criticised the government, claming that it is penalising citizens at the Jobcentre for not applying for jobs online, even those who are unable to use a computer, as part of its ‘digital by default’ agenda.

According to CAS spokesperson Sarah Beattie-Smith, a significant number of people are not online and two thirds of the lowest income households in Glasgow do not have broadband at home.

“When it comes to jobseekers, surely it makes sense to let people use every means possible to find work, and not constrain them in any way,” she said.

This process of forcing people to use the internet comes along with the deep cuts and significant changes that have been made to the welfare system. It’s just another step in that process, which has the potential to be devastating for the most vulnerable people in our society,” she added.

The digital by default policy is intended to drive down the cost of public services.

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