Birmingham Children’s Hospital launches feedback app for smartphones

[caption id="attachment_2097" align="alignright" width="250"]Birmingham Children’s Hospital launches feedback app for smartphones “We take patients’ views seriously”[/caption]

Birmingham Children’s Hospital has launched a smartphone app for Apple and Android devices that lets patients and their families submit feedback that is dealt with by hospital staff in real-time and is uploaded onto the hospital’s website, to encourage transparency.

Users can choose which department or ward they are commenting on or scan the QR code displayed in each hospital area.

Furthermore, the app also has a ratings function, in the format of the ‘friends and family test’ that is currently being implemented across the NHS.

According to Michelle McLoughlin, chief nurse: “We’re always looking for ways to improve how we receive feedback because what  happens to our children, young people and families really matters to us and we want to get it right first time, every time.”

She also said that a lot of the feedback is positive and this is good for the staff’s morale.

Ward manager Sue Davies said that “It shows that we take [patients’] views seriously and they don’t just disappear into a black hole.”

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