How Sunderland wants to become an IT intelligent city

How Sunderland wants to become an IT intelligent city

The council wants to deploy an on-demand cloud environment

Diane Downey, acting head of ICT at Sunderland City Council, writes about how Sunderland is working towards becoming one of the world’s most IT intelligent cities.

According to her, the aim of the council “is to support and encourage economic growth via a dynamic, secure and efficient IT environment that provides local businesses, schools, start-ups and entrepreneurs with scalable, on demand IT services. At the same time, the council also wanted to create an infrastructure that adhered to strict governmental IT security standards.”

The council also wants to deploy an on-demand cloud environment through which employees can have virtual desktops and enable the implementation of a bring-your-own-device initiative.

Downey has also written about ensuring that all school children are ‘digital natives’ i.e completely comfortable dealing with digital tools.

Furthermore, the council wants all public PCs in the city to “have access to virtually streamed desktops to ensure that citizens have access to current technology as part of the ‘digital inclusion’ programme.”

Ultimately, says Downey, “the local authority looks to evolve itself into a more cost effective, innovative organisation… to ensure there is a greater emphasis on improved public services for citizens,” adding that “the council has found itself delivering a cloud-based service to provide an open, flexible and scalable offering that other people can tap into in order to deliver public services in the same way as they do.

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