Cabinet Office funds 5 programmes including Apps for Good

Cabinet Office funds 5 programmes including online tool Tyze and Apps for Good

“Massive potential for social action”

The Innovation in Giving Fund, funded by the Cabinet Office and run by Nesta, will be giving grants to five programmes, two of them being technology related: Tyze and Apps for Good.

Tyze is an online tool that helps organise support for people who have care needs, it will be receiving GBP 181,000 so that it can be made available across the country.

Apps for Good uses volunteers to teach young people how to build mobile and Facebook apps to solve real life problems and will be receiving GBP 154,800.

The other three programmes are Care4Care, GoodGym and Inspiring the Future.

Innovation in Giving Fund was launched in 2011 and has supported 67 causes to date.

Philip Colligan, Executive Director of Nesta’s Public Services Lab, has been appointed to the Cabinet Office as Government Adviser on Social Innovation. According to him: What we see is the massive potential for social action. This is what the next chapter of public services reform will be about.”

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