Most civil servants are not aware of the govt’s open data agenda

Open Data

Potential of open data may “remain locked away”

A survey of over 1,000 public sector workers across the country has revealed that 78 % of people do not know about the government’s agenda to improve public services, create jobs and stimulate the economy by opening access to public sector data.

Workers from central and local government were surveyed, as well as those from non-departmental bdoeis, the NHS and police forces. Only 52% of them recognised the importance of the agenda while over half (66%) did not understand their role in the agenda.

According to David Mitton, director at Listpoint, the company that commissioned the survey, civil servants “cannot easily access data and they do not recognise what open data and data standards have to offer. ”

“The great potential of open data,” he warned, “will remain locked away” if this continues.

Open data has already been put to good use: It is already being used to create applications such as one that allows people to see crime in their area, to find out about their GP surgery and to see transport information.

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