Portsmouth citizens can reduce heating bills via online thermal map

Portsmouth citizens can reduce heating bills via online thermal map

Working to increase thermal efficiency

Portsmouth City Council has commissioned aerial mapping company Bluesky to create an online mapping portal in order to help residents and businesses improve the energy efficiency of their property as well as their carbon footprint.

The portal has been created using thermal sensors mounted on a survey aircraft which records heat loss from buildings. Redients can enter their postcode and view their property.

The aim behind publishing the thermal map is to help residents and businesses understand how they could benefit from additional energy efficiency measures such as insulating their properties to increase their comfort and reduce their energy bills,” it says on the website, which adds that “increasing the thermal efficiency of properties in Portsmouth will also help towards reducing the number of people living in fuel poverty along with lowering the city’s carbon footprint.

According to Jasmine Fletcher, Climate Change and Sustainability Co-ordinator at Portsmouth City Council: “We originally commissioned the Bluesky thermal survey to identify council owned properties that could benefit from energy efficiency measures. However, we soon realised the data had a much wider potential and appeal.”

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