Public sector should maximise cloud adoption, says expert

[caption id="attachment_1678" align="alignright" width="250"]Public sector should maximise cloud adoption, says expert Cost efficiency is a key driver of cloud investment[/caption]

Phil Dawson, CEO of public sector cloud supplier Skyscape has said that cloud adoption can help the public sector not only save money but also help it with a flexible approach to IT and reduce its carbon footprint. His statement comes following a new study from  IDC Government Insights titled ‘Western Europe Government Sector IT Cloud Computing Trends, 2012-2013’ which found that cost efficiency is a key driver of cloud investment in the Western European government sector.

The study also found that some 56% of local government survey respondents (and 42% of central government respondents) have adopted/are planning to adopt internally hosted private cloud.

According to Dawson: “Cloud services can offer public sector organisations a far more flexible approach to IT, meaning they only pay for exactly what they use. As well as the clear cost benefits, this model can help organisations meet their carbon footprint goals, as servers can be turned off in the evenings or at weekends when usage is low. Furthermore, if departments are expecting an influx of activity, for example HMRC around the tax deadline, the department can easily scale the use of equipment to meet with demands.

G-Cloud has made significant steps in moving away from the traditional IT procurement set up, by introducing ‘off the shelf’ IT services that meet government standards,” he added.

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