Mobile technology will transform the future, says report

[caption id="attachment_2158" align="alignright" width="250"]Explosion in mobile data demand will transform the future, says report “Mobile data is the lifeblood of our daily lives”[/caption]

GSMA, a body that represents mobile operators worldwide, introduced a report at the Global Mobile Congress in Barcelona which says that an explosion in mobile data demand will transform the future globally in terms of saving money in healthcare and reducing carbon emissions, amongst many other things.

According to Michael O’Hara, chief marketing officer at GSMA: “Mobile data is not just a commodity, but is becoming the lifeblood of our daily lives, society and economy, with more and more connected people and things.”

“This is an immense responsibility and the mobile industry needs to continue collaborating with governments and key industry sectors to deliver products and services,” he added.

Some of the points included in the report are:

  • In developed countries $400bn could be saved in healthcare costs through mobile health;
  • Developed countries could also see 35,000 lives saved by “connected cars” through emergency calling services;
  • Mobile education could reduce student drop-outs by eight per cent
  • Street metering could cut carbon emissions by the equivalent of planting 1.2 billion trees.

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