2 surveys shed light on public sector cyber security

2 surveys published on public sector cyber security

‘Managing Information Security’ and ‘Meeting the Cyber Risk Challenge’ published

Surveys in Public Sector conducted a survey for cyber-security company Clearswift regarding the public sector’s concerns regarding informational security which were published in a report titled ‘Managing Information Security’.

The top three concerns were: reputational damage to the organisation; financial consequences; and policy/compliancy issues.

Moreover, the research showed that “despite a greater understanding of security requirements for the sector, there is still a shortfall when it comes to dealing with third parties and social media,” and also that only 2% of respondents considered accidental data loss to be a threat to national secuirty.

Another study, conducted by public sector risk expert Zurich, titled ‘Meeting the Cyber Risk Challenge’ said that only 40% of European public sector organisations regularly evaluate their cyber security systems and practices – compared to just over half (51%) of private sector companies.

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