UK should learn from New York digital strategy, says expert

UK should learn from New York digital strategy, says expert

“New York City has an aggressive and ambitious digital roadmap”

Geoff Webb, director, Solution Strategy at software developing firm NetIQ weighs in on using social identities (Facebook, Twitter etc.) to access public services given security concerns. Webb has worked with New York’s Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications, an organisation dedicated to organising the city’s IT strategy. He points out that having one login for all purposes is convenient for citizens and the UK government will find itself playing catch up if it does not seriously consider this method.

According to Webb, “The government want to start providing access to services to larger group of people. The Department of information technology and Telecommunications in New York City is a great example because it has an aggressive and ambitious digital roadmap and is looking to invest heavily in taking their city and making it more hi-tech than it already is.”

As more services go online there’s a fatigue setting in. People don’t want to have to create another account. How are you supposed to remember a password logging in only once every 6 months?”, he added.

Webb believes that “Government sites could access social data to allow them to tailor it more. But if I want to then go deeper and perhaps look at my online tax returns, I’m probably going to want to see some additional levels of authentication.”

He concluded that we will be seeing  “a surprising amount of activity in this space. Convenience is a shockingly big driver of activity.

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