Expert gives talk titled ‘Libraries: the gateway to the digital’

Expert gives talk titled 'Libraries: the gateway to the digital'

“A sharing between real and virtual”

Bill Thompson, head of partnership development at the BBC Archive Development, gave a talk last week at the annual EDGE2013 event in Edinburgh, titled ‘Libraries: the gateway to the digital’, where he asked the pertinent question: “What use is a new media strategy when everything you think of as ‘new media’ could be superseded?”

According to him, digital skills must be taught and new forms of literacy must be embraced, although this does not mean that public libraries or books need to completely replaced with online/electronic spaces, rather the aim should be to create “a sharing between real and virtual, a liminal space.”

He also said that “I don’t think that having access to Twitter diminishes my capacity for deep reading, nor make it unachievable in the young, although it does mean it has to be something taught and worked… it also has to be maintained.” 

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