SABER project to help EU regional authorities with satellite broadband solutions

SABER project to help regional authorities in EU with satellite broadband solutions

For stakeholders interested in tackling the ‘Digital Divide’

The SABER project will be publishing guidelines next month to help regional authorities in the EU specify, procure and fund satellite broadband solutions to help the 10 million EU households currently unable to access broadband services.

The project is partially funded by the EU and its 26 partners include 21 regional and local authorities from 13 countries, as well as companies like EutelsatAstrium and SES Broadband Services.

UK and Ireland partners in the SABER project include Devon County Council, New Economy Manchester, South West Regional Authority, Mid West Regional Authority and Sli Nua Development in Ireland. Project results and outputs will be shared at workshops and through the project’s website.

According to the project’s website, “The purpose of the SABER Thematic Network is to create a long term, sustainable environment in which stakeholders interested in tackling the Digital Divide by contributing to the roll out and take-up of broadband for all, at increasing speeds, and in particular through satellite-based services, can proactively collaborate.”


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