Lib Dems say social media should not replace networking

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“Social media can’t force an interest in politics on people”

At the Liberal Democrats Spring conference in Brighton social media tools in political campaigning were discussed in a fringe meeting organised by Carshalton MP Tom Brake.

According to Liberal Democrat digital director Steve Pitman, social media can get in the way of networking especially for those who are new at it while Mark Pack, editor of Liberal Democrat Newswire said he believed that “social media can’t force an interest in politics on people or make them want to discuss issues with people they don’t want to.”

However, Pitman said polticians should not disregard it completely and those new at it should think of how they get on with people in everyday life and apply this to digital platforms.

Pack added that “where social media can make a big difference is in making it much easier for interest [in politics] to turn into greater knowledge, into dialogue and into action. Political parties could and should be better at taking those initial signs of interest and then doing more with them to respond back and to involve people.” 


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