Channel shift live broadcast sheds light on promoting council digital services

Councils must do more to promote their digital services

UKAuthority held a live broadcast titled “Channel Shift – are we moving towards Digital by Default?” where Martin Greenwood, director of the Socitm Insight Programme said that councils are not making enough use of traditional communication such as leaflets and one-stop-shops to promote their digital services.

He also said that if councils want to encourage more people to use their services online, they must ensure that services are well-structured, easy to navigate and free of jargon and language used in internal council communication. Policy team leader at Government Digital Service (GDS) Rebecca Kemp pointed out that GDS has published a style guide for digital services that councils can use.

Kit Wilson, customer services manager at Newport City Council, said that his council is trying to promote digital services by ‘cross-selling’: “If someone is calling to pay some council tax, we tell them that service is available online.” A notice about the online service is also printed on the envelope of every council tax bill.”


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