London Underground Wi-Fi services pose data security concerns

london underground

“Your wireless data could be intercepted by anyone”

Security vendors GFI Software has said that Wi-Fi services available on 50 London Underground stations might expose users to attacks by hackers as the Wi-Fi services do not have encryption in place. The services were available for free during the Olympics, provided by Virgin Media, but now they are free only for Virgin Media, EE and Vodafone customers while others have to pay to use them.

According to Phil Bousfield, general manager of IT operations at GFI Software, “Your wireless data could be intercepted by anyone that may have inexpensive ‘packet sniffing’ software installed… Wi-Fi on the Tube is potentially good for productivity, [but] its use should not be encouraged at the expense of information and personal security.”

He added that “Malware writers are increasingly turning their attention to mobile platforms, with all devices increasingly at risk of physical or wireless data theft.”

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