Housing professionals believe 40% of residents will pay rent via phone

[caption id="attachment_2536" align="alignright" width="250"]woman using smartphone “The survey has been useful to gauge the views of landlords ahead of Universal Credit”[/caption]

As the launch of Universal Credit draws nearer, payment solutions provider allpay conducted a survey of 100 housing professionals and found that half of them believe that 40% of residents will use their mobile phones to pay rent by 2017. A third believed the figure would be over 60%.

Under Universal Credit, the entire benefits claim system will be moved online and the government’s decision to pay the housing costs directly to tenants has been criticised.

Allpay launched Payment App last year and in its latest version the app allows landlords to accept card payments from residents when visiting households.

According to Nick Peplow, allpay’s business development director: “The survey has been useful to gauge the views of landlords ahead of Universal Credit – which could radically alter the way low-income households budget and pay their bills. The results emphasise the importance for landlords to offer a wide range of payment options and that with the increased support and advice being offered to them by landlords, local authorities, charities and other organisations, more will be comfortable using automated payment channels like a direct debit.”

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