NAO estimate of people lacking digital skills is too low, says expert

digital by default

“There are 16 million Brits who lack the skills to use computers”

The National Audit Office recently reported that there are four million people who need help getting online, but Helen Milner, chief executive of the Online Centres Foundation, has said that the true number is much higher than this and more must be done to encourage people to use the internet as part of the government’s Digital by Default agenda, which aims to move all public services online.

According to Milner: “The Digital Britain report calculates that four million people will need support to access public services online, but I think that’s a significant underestimate… There are 16 million Brits who lack the skills to use computers and the internet – many of whom are the highest users of public services .”

She added that “Digital by default service delivery… has the potential to help millions of people – but only if done properly.”

The aim of the Online Centres Foundation is to help people with digital skills via 3,800 centres around the country.


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