Why Gov.uk won an award at Design of the Year 2013

GOV.UK logo

“Elegant and subtly British”

The government recently won in the digital category of Design Museum’s Design of the Year 2013 for its new website Gov.uk, which brings together all departments under one domain, created by the Government Digital Service. An article on theregister.co.uk explains what made the website an outstanding one.

According to Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic: “It’s a reflection of the government’s understanding of how to communicate with the country in a way that works. It’s simple, direct, well mannered – all the things that we would like to take for granted from the government, but in a sea of red tape and jargon, usually can’t.”

He added that the website looks elegant, “subtly British” and had the added bonus of saving taxpayer money “because it has rationalised multiple official websites.”

Moreover, Mat Hunter of the UK Design Council praised the website saying that “the design deemed best in show is something that many had given up all hope of reinventing: the UK government’s approach to information technology.

According to Hunter: “How many billions of pounds have been wasted in the government’s procurement of unusable IT systems? You really don’t want to know. So the fact that a team has finally found the formula of success, a formula that is better, faster and cheaper than most private sector companies’ efforts, is something to be shouted from the rooftops.”

The Government Digital Service must be commended for their hard work and a well-deserved award.


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