Agilisys launches ‘Agilisys Revenue Collection’

“Agilisys Revenue Collection helps to increase the money councils have to spend on vital front-line services”

IT and business services provider Agilisys has announced the launch of its newest offering, Agilisys Revenue Collection, a unique approach to debt recovery which results in an improvement in both in-year and aged-debt levels for councils and provides a better experience for citizens. This product has been developed through our partnership with debt management provider TDX.

This solution combines Agilisys’ experience delivering customer-focused services in partnership with several local authorities across the UK, with TDX’s proprietary technology platform that manages over 50% of the UK’s uncollected private sector debt.

This new approach results in an improvement in both in-year, and aged-debt levels for councils and improves the citizen experience through reducing high cost, high-frequency contact.  Debtors are treated in a fair and proportional way, as the ARC approach helps councils differentiate between people who can’t pay and people who won’t – and targets each appropriately.

The Agilisys Revenue Collection solution also works to ensure that debt does not accumulate in the first instance – meaning more resources available for vital services.

Agilisys analysis based on the outcomes delivered with a number of London Boroughs indicates this improved approach to debt collection could raise an additional £115m per annum across London Boroughs alone.  This increased revenue would allow councils to reduce the average council tax bill by £35/household.

At the recent launch event for Agilisys Revenue Collection, David Magor (OBE, CEO IRRV) highlighted the real challenges local authorities are facing in particular due to welfare reform initiatives, and urged them to act now or face the consequences further down the line.

According to Agilisys CEO Steven Beard: “This builds on our passion for developing innovative products that help local authorities provide services at lower costs in challenging times, while at the same time delivering exceptional customer service to their citizens. By helping to collect this outstanding debt, Agilisys Revenue Collection helps to increase the money councils have to spend on vital front-line services. Furthermore, as we can work through a variety of different commercial models, including risk-reward, this service does not entail any up-front investment from a council, something we know is important in a difficult economic climate.”

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