ICT and housing providers partner-up to provide tenants with PCs

“We recognise the wider benefits of our residents having a computer”

In light of the government’s Universal Credit scheme, which will see the entire benefits system moved online, ICT firm Stone Group has partnered-up with housing provider Affinity Sutton as part of the latter’s ‘Get Connected’ programme to help tenants get online by making available recycled PCs for GBP 133 (+VAT).

According to Scott McKinven, Financial Inclusion Manager, Affinity Sutton: “The Government wants 80% of applications for Universal Credit to be conducted online by 2017… As a housing association we feel it is in our interests, and our resident’s interests to have a means of getting online and accessing the services that they need. But beyond that, we recognise the wider benefits of our residents having a computer and access to the internet. Whether it is about helping to cut costs or applying for jobs, computers and the internet have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

The government will launch the first pilot test of Universal Credit in Ashton-under-Lyne today, 29th April.

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