NHS app aims to help armed forces with mental health issues

joining forces app

“We are fully committed to reducing the stigma of mental illness”

A network of NHS trusts led by led by South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, has created a free app called Joining Forces to give advice to members of the armed forces who are suffering from 11 mental health problems such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress. The aim is to help troops and reduce the stigma attached with such issues.

According to Defence minister Mark Francois, “We are fully committed to reducing the stigma of mental illness and this app is just one way of addressing this.”

“I am delighted that our service personnel are now able to access the best information on mental health at any time, anywhere, and I hope this app will encourage more personnel to come forward with any mental health problems they might experience.”  

The app is currently available for Apple devices and an android version is expected later this year.

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