Cabinet Office publishes G-Cloud iii framework, announces new cloud-first policy

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“Sales from G-Cloud are rising steadily”

According to, the Cabinet Office has published the G-Cloud iii framework. The third iteration of the framework includes a further 368 suppliers, meaning there is a total of 708 suppliers on the framework altogether. Of these suppliers, approximately 83% are SMEs, and around 5,000 services are on offer. New suppliers include Appirio, Bluewolf and Gartner, but Amazon remains absent.

The framework will be in place for one year, and individual contracts can run for up to 24 months with a total potential value of procurement increased from GBP 100 million to around GBP 200 million.

The Cabinet Office has also announced its new cloud-first policy, reports The policy will promote the use of public cloud over hybrid or community cloud, but departments may procure and alternative to the cloud if it can be proven to provide better value for money.

The new policy demonstrates a more aggressive attitude from the Cabinet Office to drive the uptake of cloud in government departments, as many seemed to show some resistance. By 2015 the government hopes to have 50% of all new IT spend accounted for through the G-Cloud, and claims that the CloudStore is cutting IT costs for some departments by 90%.

McDonagh said: “Sales from G-Cloud are rising steadily, with cumulative spend now over£18m – two-thirds of it with SMEs. This is still small relative to overall government IT spend and the transition to widespread purchasing of IT services as a commodity won’t happen overnight.”

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