GBP 1 billion spent through Procserve Commerce Network

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“The UK has been a global leader when it comes to public sector e-commerce adoption”

According to, around GBP 1 billion of public money has been spent through an Amazon-style portal, the Procserve Commerce Network. 3.4 million public sector transactions took place to a variety of goods and services over the last five years, with around half of those transactions taking place in the last year. The network is said to have saved the taxpayer around GBP 50 million. The Department for Work and Pensions, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Metropolitan Police Service, NHS Wales and Borough of Poole have all used the network.

David Shields, managing director of the Government Procurement Service said: “The UK has been a global leader when it comes to public sector e-commerce adoption and this landmark figure is testament to that. What makes the number so significant is that it was not achieved through several multi-million pound transactions, but millions of smaller ones – evidence that government is providing opportunities for ambitious businesses that want to get on. By transforming the way that the public sector works and empowering staff to make better buying choices, GPS and Procserve are making a real difference and delivering time and cost savings across all levels of government.”

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