Monmouthshire Council plans new website for July


“The new site has been designed with the residents in mind”

Monmouthshire Council is planning to revamp their website and launch it by July. In a new post on Digital Monmouthsire, Joel Hughes from JoJet Internet Strategy who has been working with the council on the new site talks about what it wants to achieve.

The new site has been designed with the residents in mind… we’re trying to build something more useful and more relevant,” says Hughes, adding that “for many people the council website IS the council.”

Firstly, the website wants to be able to let people have an account using which they can comment on key pages and give feedback. This account could potentially be expanded to be a login for all online services.

According to him, “Many people find councils impenetrable, difficult to navigate and weighed down by bizarre language; facilities like commenting will help bridge the gulf.”

The council’s social media presences will also be highlighted on the website which will be easy accessible via smartphones as well as for users of varying disabilities.

The journey we’re taking is to the right one and will ultimately evolve the Monmouthshire online presence into a highly valuable, interactive communication channel; not just a website,” he concludes.

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