Clinics with digital services attract more blood donors

blood drop

“Fixed donor sites potentially offer more digital-age facilities”

Lorna Williamson of NHS Blood and Transplant and Dana Devine of the Canadian Blood Services have published a study in the Lancet medical journal claiming that permanent blood donation clinics with services like free Wi-Fi and iPod docks are likely to attract more donors.

According to the report:  “Fixed donor sites potentially offer more digital-age facilities… With further development, this approach could also allow donors to complete health-check questionnaires online at home, avoiding a wasted journey if they are ineligible to donate.”

They also said that “Blood services need to examine whether blood collection efforts can continue to be spread thinly, or should be concentrated on areas where more people are likely to donate.”

According to The Guardian, only 4% of the UK donates blood and only about 15% of those are between 17 and 24.

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