Major Projects Authority gives red rating to Universal Credit and G-Cloud

red alert

“Departments have yet to fully change their culture in terms of approach to ICT”

The government has published a report by the Major Projects Authority which has deemed eight of 191 major projects a red rating, meaning it believes that “successful delivery of the project is in doubt, with major risks or issues apparent in a number of key areas… urgent action is needed to ensure these are addressed, and whether resolution is feasible.” The projects are worth over GBP 350 billion and four of them are new IT systems, including the Department for Work and Pensions’ Universal Credit, the new online benefits system, and the Cabinet Office’s G-Cloud programme.

Referring to Universal Credit, the report admits that the data it was working with was received in September 2012 and “since then delivery of the £12 billion project has seen significant progress”.

About the G-Cloud programme it said:  “Departments have yet to fully change their culture in terms of approach to ICT as old ways of doing things are so deeply engrained. Key to this is a reshaping of the programme to focus on the commercial aspects of the CloudStore as a retail proposition, improving the user experience and engaging the buying community more directly in the objectives of the programme.”

“Crucial to large scale take-up will be working with departments and the Cabinet Office spending controls team to enforce use of the CloudStore across central government.”

“Scaling G-Cloud has been difficult to achieve to date due to the team’s focus on the start-up activities and the lack of appropriate funds and resources.”

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