Spend through G-Cloud increases to GBP 22 million


Stll some public sector interest in the platform

According to v3.co.uk, spend through the G-Cloud has reached GBP 22 million following a few significant deals in April, including a GBP 1.3 million deal with IBM by the Home Office. The Home Office has claimed that the IT deal was for ‘services to immigration case working’ but has not gone into detail about the technology itself. This represents an increase of GBP 4 million since March, despite recent accusations that the platform is underused and needs to demonstrate better value for money.

The increase was in part due to deals such as the Cabinet Office’s GBP 68,000 contract with Steria, and the Ministry of Justice’s GBP 205,000 deal with systems integrator firm, i2N.

The increase in spend through the G-Cloud demonstrates that there is still some public sector interest in the platform, but when compared to overall government spend on IT there is still some way to go.

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