Consumers can view which CMCs have committed offences via online tool

“Give consumers peace of mind”

The Claims Management Regulator has launched a new tool on the Ministry of Justice website which allows consumers to view which claims management companies (CMCs) are being investigated and what rules they have breached, including minor offences and warnings.

According to Kevin Rousell, head of claims management regulation: “By creating an online list that names CMCs that are being investigated it will ensure consumers know exactly what action is being taken and the reason for it. It will also give consumers peace of mind that their complaints are being acted upon.”

“By publishing all enforcement action it will send a clear message to the industry that we will not tolerate firms that break the rules,” he added.

The regulator, administered by the MoJ but is a separate entity, is also planning to implement new rules later this year such as bringing to an end verbal contract arrangements between consumers and CMCs.

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