Socitm launches Council Website Performance Monitor

Levels of net satisfaction averaged across all council sites range from 22% – 32%

Socitm has published data gathered by its new performance via a reporting tool launched this week, the Council Website Performance Monitor, which shows that 22% of visits to council websites end unsuccessfully, meaning people do not find what they came to look for. It also reveals that failure rates have gone up in the first four months of 2013 compared to the same months last year. On a positive note, it found that 11 million more people visited in April 2013 than in April 2012.

The most used online services in April 2013 were rubbish and recycling (13.4%), planning (8.6%), council tax (8.3%), and libraries (7.9%). Levels of net satisfaction averaged across all council sites range from 22% – 32%.

According to Socitm’s website, data on council websites has been made available for free through the Council Website Performance Monitor which is updated monthly and presents headline data from Socitm’s council website user survey with no log in required.

Moreover, any employee from a council subscribing to Socitm’s Website Performance service can also use the new interactive reporting tool to get password-protected access to a range of detailed metrics for their own individual council.

This allows comparison of performance based on this year’s results with that of the previous 12 months, as well as benchmarking against the performance of all other councils of a similar type, or with any other individual council that participates in the service.

Socitm Insight subscribers that do not participate in the Website Performance service can log in and see a series of charts showing average performance metrics for the different types of council (county council, London borough etc). Access to this data is equally available to Socitm Insight subscribing organisations that are not councils.


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