HMRC will be first central government department to use Identity Assurance

“IDA is an integral part of HMRC’s PAYE online service”

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will become the first central government department to use Identity Assurance (IDA), one set of secure login details to access all online public services, and will be a key component of Pay As You Earn Online (PAYE Online) which is to move to pre-launch mode in October 2013 with ‘wider IDA capabilities becoming available from October 2014’.

The Government Digital Service (GDS), which is developing IDA, has described it such: “Identity assurance is about providing users with a simple, trusted and secure means of accessing public services, so we are working hard to ensure that privacy is at the heart of the service we will provide to users.” 

According to, “IDA is set to become the default service for all government departments providing public digital services which require the citizen to confirm their identity.”


The move comes as part of the Cabinet Office’s strategy to move all government services online in order to save between £1.7bn and £1.8bn a year.

Last year it was reported that the government had chosen seven firms out of 44 bidders to provide citizens with Identity Assurance and that citizens would be able to choose which provider they wish to use: The Post Office, Cassidian, Digidentity, Experian, Ingeus, Mydex, or Verizon.

According to an HMRC spokesperson said, “IDA is an integral part of HMRC’s PAYE online service. Over time, our new digital services will also use IDA.

“GDS is leading for government on the development of IDA. HMRC will be the first to use it, and we are working closely with GDS on its development.”

The GDS has recently published an update version of IDA principles, which explains how the government’s approach to IDA could be shaped to meet users’ privacy and consumer expectations.


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