Information Economy Strategy to ‘ensure citizens benefit from the digital age’

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and The Shareholder Executive has published a policy paper titled Information Economy Strategy which ‘sets out a plan for government and industry to continue to work together to promote the success of the UK information economy sector’.

Its main themes are:

  • a strong, innovative information economy sector exporting UK excellence to the world
  • UK businesses across the economy making smart use of information technology and data
  • ensuring citizens benefit from the digital age
  • underpinning the information economy in the UK

According to, “Our new Information Economy Council, made up of representatives from government, business and academia will set the agenda for actions towards this strategy and monitor progress. Businesses and users across the economy can contribute on the actions they would like to see and how we can build a strong information economy in the UK.” has reported that “the strategy sets out a number of key actions, which include digitally transforming 25 of the top 50 public services over the next 300 days – plans revolve around simplicity and should reduce the need for expensive specialists to navigate the tax system.”

Download the full report from our White Papers section.



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