Cheshire West and Chester Council saves £1 million with Collaborative Planning

According to a press release, Cheshire West and Chester Council has claimed to save £1 million with budget and forecasting solution, Collaborative Planning from Advanced Business Solutions. The council has been using the Collaborative Planning solution since January 2012 and has exceeded its original savings target of £500,000.

The Council had recently undergone funding cuts and needed to reduce costs, so a key priority for the consolidated finance team was to increase productivity and provide tighter controls around spending.

Collaborative Planning integrates with the council’s Oracle financial system and simplifies the entire budget monitoring process, making it easier to input and analyse information. The solution provides real-time information through a single-based web system and allows budget managers anywhere in the council to compare budgets with forecasts.

According to Charlotte Wynn, Finance Manager, Cheshire West and Chester Council, miscoding, double counting and other human errors associated with manual data input and an over-reliance on spreadsheets have been eliminated and with a single system, staff find it much easier to spot issues.

“Integrating all the data can be done almost at the touch of a button now, which has reduced our reporting cycle by over a week. The whole process is a lot better now that there is a single version of the truth, which everyone has access to,” Wynn added.

Originally, the organisation earmarked savings of £500,000 over three years and has already exceeded this target in just twelve months, with the budgeting and forecasting solution.

The council has been shortlisted for a “Transformation Through IT” award from the local government Municipal Journal.


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