Former G-Cloud head calls for departments to ‘take a risk’ with the programme


“They have to think more seriously about G-Cloud”

According to, the government has accepted that its G-Cloud programme has ‘more to do’ to convince users of its benefits. Departments are being encouraged to ‘take a risk’ and use its services.

Denise McDonagh, former head of G-Cloud and Home Office chief technology officer, said at the Think G-Cloud event in London that there is a misunderstanding of G-Cloud that needs to be addressed. She said: “They have to think more seriously about G-Cloud. People will be expected to make cloud adoption plans in central government. G-Cloud is not the root of everything, but you do have to at least test it first…I am bedevilled by central government’s processes. There isn’t a willingness to understand that we do things differently.”

McDonagh has called for departments to take a risk with G-Cloud as they can buy something for only a matter of months, and will not get locked in to expensive deals. As the G-Cloud is now part of GDS, Tony Singleton is the head of the scheme.

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