Search for jobs online if you want to claim benefits: Chancellor Osborne

george osborne

In his Spending Review speech, Chancellor George Osborne has said that people must register online to search for jobs before they can receive their benefits. However, in the past such statements have received must criticism because of the fact that many people do not have access to the internet.

According to Osborne: “We’re going to make sure people turn up with a CV, register for online job search, and start looking for work – and only then will they get their benefits.”

Last year, Go ON UK reported that more than 16 million people in the UK lack basic online skills. Earlier this year, Sarah Beattie-Smith, a Citizens Advice Scotland spokesperson, said that: “This process of forcing people to use the internet comes along with the deep cuts and significant changes that have been made to the welfare system. It’s just another step in that process, which has the potential to be devastating for the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Osborne has also said that hundreds of millions of pounds more will be spent on cyber security and that the government would commit £50bn capital investment in 2015-16 to infrastructure, including broadband. According to, “more details on broadband funding will be announced in the government’s Investing in Britain’s Future report, covering how over £100bn of infrastructure investment will be allocated over the next Parliament.”

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