Hounslow Council launches new system with Salesforce

Hounslow Council wants its staff and residents to be able to build their own applications and wants to give them access to multiple services and systems through one interface. To this end, it has launched a new system with Salesforce, a social and mobile cloud technology provider, which will be integrated with web and social media technology and will eventually replace traditional proprietary applications.

The project, which makes use of Salesforce’s servicecloud, force.com, marketcloud and salescloud cloud-based applications, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014, and it is hoped that cost savings of £600,000 will be achieved in the first year.

According to Anthony Kemp, project director at Hounslow: “Rather than becoming merely a ‘council in the cloud’ we aspire to be the first platform-based, digital and genuinely data-driven council. With a variety of partners, we have designed an architecture that will allow customers to self-serve, easily replicating the kind of experience they are used to at home… As the next generation of workforce and customers emerges, the full use of social media in local government will allow us to always be connected and part of the conversation.”

Methods and Arcus Global will be project delivery partners.

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