HMRC takes top spot in central government website index

Sitemorse has published a survey of how well central government websites are doing in the second quarter of 2013, according to which the website of UK tax and VAT collector HMRC has risen 42 places to take the top spot in the Q2 Central Government Index.

The site received an overall score of 7.8 of a possible ten marks in the Sitemorse testing, designed to assess websites from a user perspective benchmarking key factors such as performance, code quality and accessibility – vital criteria for ensuring a good experience for web users. On performance and accessibility, the score was 9/10.

More than half a million web pages from 300 central government websites were reviewed for the Index, which is run four times a year.

Also in the top five were Business Link (up 8 places), the Youth Justice Agency (rising 18 places), the Central Arbitration Committee, a body which resolves trade union disputes (up eight places), and the Met Office, which keeps its no.5 spot in the Index with a score of 7.1/10.

Websites improving dramatically this quarter and climbing our Index as a result included those of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) (+247to 46th place), Central Office of Information (+240to 23rd), Home Office (HO) (+199 to 15th), Department for International Development (DfID) (+184 to 14th) and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (+172 to 8th).


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