G-Cloud framework set to expand beyond cloud services

Since moving the G-Cloud team under the control of Mike Bracken in the GDS, plans have been set in motion to rebuild the framework in a move to increase transparency of procurement across government, as opposed to just cloud services.

According to Computerworld UK, there is also soon to be a rating tool on the CloudStore, to allow newcomers to the framework to see how products and services have been rated by buyers.

The G-Cloud framework has also been responsible for helping to drive down procurement costs. The G-Cloud’s transparent pricing system has also been used as a bargaining tool to drive down costs with traditional vendors. In addition, some traditional systems integrators quotes tens of millions of pounds for hosting projects which were priced at hundreds of thousands of pounds on G-Cloud. It is hoped that, after the rebuild, this transparency can extend to everything on the framework, with off-the-shelf computing products to pencils being listed.

The timeline for the G-Cloud expansion to including products outside of cloud services is not yet clear. However, as the CloudStore’s URL is registered as govstore,service.go.uk, there is some expectation that there will eventually be a broader online purchasing tool for the public sector.

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