GDS prepares to move G-Cloud to next phase

Chief operating officer and G-Cloud lead Tony Singleton has written a post on the Government Digital Service website titled ‘G-Cloud – ready for the next phase’ which addresses the forthcoming GDS product review. The G-Cloud moved over from the Government Procurement Service to the GDS in June.

Singleton has revealed that they will be carrying out a full product review ahead of G-Cloud 4, the next iteration of the supplier framework which due by the end of October.

According to Singleton: “We’ll carry out a full product review, which will identify the user need – both in terms of public sector buyers and their suppliers; look at what government departments are buying that should be on the G-Cloud but aren’t yet; provide clarity on the differences and overlaps of G-Cloud and the Digital Services Framework with clear guidance for buyers and suppliers, ensuring there’s no duplication of services; define a robust and auditable set of measures for both savings and spend using feedback from suppliers and buyers, identify how we continue to improve CloudStore functionality and usability in both the short and longer term.” has reported that “the news is likely to be received positively by members of the public sector that responded to Mark O’Neill’s call for feedback on the G-Cloud and CloudStore at Think G-Cloud last month to help with the development of G-Cloud 4.”

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