Online Centres Foundation changes name, announces new 3 year strategy

Online Centres Foundation, an organisation which sets up community training centres to help people learn basic internet skills, has changed its name to Tinder Foundation and announced a three year strategy.

According to a press release, the name is meant to reflect “the ambitious plans we have for the coming years, and our role sparking action within local communities”.

The new strategy “will continue to build on the digital inclusion work we do, most importantly by continuing to grow and support the UK online centres network. We will also develop our work with community learning, building on what we learned from the eReading Rooms pilot, using technology to bring the benefits of learning to those who wouldn’t normally access it. We will also build our community action work, growing the Community How To service and ensuring community organisations can use digital tools to do more. Lastly, we will continue to work with organisations and government to support the rollout of digital by default services,” said the announcement on the website.

The brands UK online centres, Community How To and Learn my way will all still exist, and we’ll continue to grow and nurture them over the coming years,” it added.

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