IEWM to launch white paper on social media in local govt

Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands (IEWM) teamed up with Comms2Point0, a free online resource for creative communicators in public, private, third sector, to take a snapshot of what social media looks like in local government across the West Midlands region and published “Best by West Midlands 2013: A White Paper on Social Media in Local Government” which is set to be launched on Friday 26th July.

As part of the findings, they surveyed people in the sector. 100 per cent had Facebook and Twitter and 97 per cent said this would improve. Trust and training emerged as clear issues.

The paper also addresses some of the challenges individuals and organisations are facing and provides over 30 case studies to  understand the digital and media landscape of local governments.

Jan Britton, Chief Executive of Sandwell Council and IEWM Board Member said:

This White Paper provides a snap shot of some of the great work being done in the West Midlands and highlights the potential, as yet untapped, to use social media to transform the way that citizens see and interact with council services and officers. There is further work to be done to explore how communications can assist in tackling some of the big ticket issues like welfare reform, health integration and financial gloom but this paper provides us with a kick start.

It also brings to the attention the people who behind the scenes have been discussing, experimenting and acting to explore the potential of using social media to build more connected communities and to use technology to assist with some of the big challenges facing local government in a spirit of excitement and enthusiasm. I think we have a lot to be proud of in the West Midlands.”

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