Open Government Partnership to hold annual conference

The Open Government Partnership, chaired by the UK, is set to hold an annual conference for more than 1,000 delegates from around the world. In preparation for the event, people and organisations with an interest in open government and transparency are being called on to submit ideas which can be raised at the summit. The Cabinet Office said in a statement that any ideas should be submitted before September 1.

The UK government has previously pledged to become the most open and transparent government in the world, but has faced accusations that it has so far failed to live up to its transparency agenda. Ministers have claimed that, on the contrary, there has been an unprecedented push to release datasets in order to improve public services and to enable the public to hold the government to account.

According to Gavin Starks, the chief executive of the UK’s Open Data Institute, claimed recently that countries around the world, including Japan and the US, are currently looking to the UK for leadership on open data.

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