Rural broadband upgrade maps should be made public: Culture Secretary

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has said that maps showing rural areas where broadband upgrades are planned should be made publicly available, following a statement by BT to the Public Accounts Committee that it would not have issues with this, although some local councils had objected.

Miller has written a letter to local councils, seen by The Daily Telegraph, saying that communities should know if they will get superfast broadband or not:  “Concerns have been raised about whether information on the areas which will, or will not, be covered by the current projects can be made available. This information will help other broadband providers and community groups determine whether it is worth their while to develop local broadband projects to fill in gaps in coverage.

“It will also help clarify the position of those community broadband projects whose schemes are already planned in some detail. I am keen to see this information made available.”

Miller has acknowledged that most rural areas would come under the ‘to be confirmed’ category of broadband plans, adding that “provided these limitations are made clear, my strong preference is for this information to be made available.” 

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