UK’s digital skills gap could stunt innovation, says expert

Concerns cited by the European Commission, and Facebook about the UK’s rapidly growing digital skills gap highlights the importance of skills matching, according to interim management and recruitment company Executives Online.
With 90% of all jobs in Europe requiring e-skills by 2015, jobs for highly qualified specialists are expected to rise by 16 million between 2013 and 2020. This anticipated growth coupled with on-going technological developments could result in demand seriously exceeding supply, in turn stunting innovation and global competitiveness.
James O’Brien, managing director at Executives Online, said: “Industry frontrunners, who usually have their pick of the talent pool, are already struggling to find employees with the right skills for the job.”
Executives Online is a provider of senior IT Managers, IT Directors and CIOs across a variety of both permanent positions and interim assignments. Its global talent bank of over 15,700 highly experienced IT professionals, offers individuals with proven track records working in some of the most dynamic and challenging IT environments, for listed plcs, private sector companies, start-ups, government and public sector bodies.
Mr O’Brien continued: “Companies that may be struggling to find the right candidates for permanent positions could consider the merits of an interim position instead.  Interims offer many employers the flexibility of being able to start immediately, are highly skilled and experienced, can consistently deliver to an incredibly high standard, and help companies to maintain innovation and competitive edge.”

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