Get IT Together digital inclusion programme launched in Leeds

Leeds City Council Building

In Leeds, Citizens Online are partnering with BT and Leeds City Council to run the Get IT Together Programme, a community development approach to digital inclusion. Vic Berry, Leeds Project Coordinator for the Get IT Together Project is responsible for delivering the programme in Leeds and has been working with a number of volunteers across the City to deliver basic IT training sessions to local residents.

Get IT Together – Leeds was contacted by the Day Centre Manager and asked to organise some IT classes for users of the Day Centre.

The team have run three IT sessions for residents from Frederick Hurdle Day Centre. Frederick Hurdle Day Centre is a multi-cultural centre which caters for physical and social needs of elders.

Some learners had severe mobility difficulties and needed a lot help from the team. Staff from the Centre offered support and were shown how to adjust the screen resolution options and desktop icons and pointer so it was easier for learners to see the display. Everyone had a go at practising keyboard skills and used Internet Explorer to get online.

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