NHS National Programme for IT will cost taxpayer £10bn, reveals FoI request


A Freedom of Information request by e-Health Insider  has found that the NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT) will cost GBP 10 billion for the taxpayer.

The programme was dismantled by coalition ministers when it was realised that it would fail in its core objective to deliver an electronic record for every patient in the NHS. Ministers have been trying to claim money back from CSC, one of the main suppliers of the programme. MPs had concerns at one stage that the company had the government ‘over a barrel’.

The figure was published in an NPfIT benefits statement in response. The statement was released by the National Audit Office, which explained that GBP 2.6 billion of actual benefits had been reported as of March 2011. However, the programme has already cost GBP 7.3 billion and in total GBP 10 billion would be spent.

Following the failure of the NPfIT programme, organisations across the NHS are looking to find local interoperable alternatives.


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