Accenture selected to develop Police Scotland’s i6 system

Accenture has been selected for a ten year contract for the development and maintenance of the i6 system for Police Scotland which will replace around 120 IT and paper based systems by late 2015. The system is being implemented in a bid to support new standardised national policing processes and policing operations and investigations. The new system is expected to be used as a crime-fighting tool as opposed to simply a records management system.

I6 will support the creation of a single force for Scotland. The eight local forces across Scotland are being consolidated into one single force in a bid to save money. The new service is looking to make cuts of GBP 68 million from a budget of around GBP 1 billion in its first year. This deal with Accenture is costing around GBP 39 million, and a further GBP 8 million is needed for other costs such as hardware.

Under the new deal Accenture will provide technology and implementation services to the force, and will strive to provide operational and process efficiencies and increased information sharing. In addition the firm will provide user training and implementation support, ongoing system maintenance and technology support services. Users will be able to manage, analyse and share operational and case information across the country.

“Through new standardised business processes and the innovative use of technology, this new system will give Police Scotland the high levels of data integration and information sharing required for their officers to work swiftly and effectively while enabling operational savings,” says James Slessor, who leads Accenture Police Services in the UK.

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