UK demands faster internet access as BT bids adieu to dial-up service

This weekend saw telecom giant BT shut down its dial-up internet access, as more and more people seek out faster ways of getting online via broadband connections.

The company said it was making the move as only a “tiny number” of its customers still went online using a dial-up modem, having warned customers of the move back in May.

Around 1,000 customers in some remote parts of the UK do not have access to broadband, but will still be able to connect to the internet through a dial-up service offered by BT subsidiary, PlusNet.

A spokesman for BT commented: “No one is being left without the option of an alternative service.”

The move highlights the UK’s growing desire to get online with greater ease, and sends a sign to many companies not currently taking advantage of promotion online via social media and digital marketing to do so soon, or risk falling behind their competitors.

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