Government signs first identity assurance contracts for online transactions

The government has signed contracts with the Post Office, Verizon, Experian, Digidentity and Mydex for the supply of the first live identity assurance services to drive secure online government transactions. The new cross-government identity assurance framework will see the contractors providing a service to enable people to assert their identity online without security concerns. The development of the identity assurance service will be managed by the Cabinet Office.

“We will now be working closely with those that have signed, who represent the range of types of providers needed to make online identity provision a success,” said Steve Wreyford, head of comms and marketing, ID assurance programme at GDS.

PayPal, Cassidian and Ingeus have also been awarded a place on the identity assurance framework.

The GDS (Government Digital Services) has undertaken a redesign of 25 of the most-used transactional public services in a bid to make them simpler and easier to use. The services include electoral registration, patent renewals and Universal Credit.


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