Pay-as-you-go public and private cloud services launched

Capita IT Services has launched a new pay as you go cloud service enabling customers from any industry to easily make cloud computing an integral part of their IT strategy, helping to reduce costs and improve business performance.

‘Capita Private Cloud’ has been built upon VCE Vblock™ Systems’ converged infrastructure and is designed for companies wanting to adopt a blend of public and private cloud services without the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and contracts.

Andy Parker, deputy chief executive at Capita, said: “Cloud computing has become an integral part of many businesses from across the public and private sector. Clients we work with, from NHS trusts and local authorities through to retailers and manufacturers, have told us that they want the benefits of cloud but are concerned about security and complexity.

“Capita Private Cloud takes that uncertainty away by offering a simple, cost-effective solution that customers can have access to within minutes. The combination of public and private cloud services, with the support of a dedicated account manager and technical experts, means businesses can meet all their IT requirements in one place. In addition, managing all cloud platforms together in Capita’s UK data centres guarantees data security and sovereignty – a key for many public or highly regulated companies, such as banks and pension providers.”

The flexible nature of Capita Private Cloud means customers can choose exactly what they need and only pay for what they use, just like turning on a tap. So if a business experiences a sudden surge in demand for its IT services, extra capacity is always available.

Furthermore, customers have access to 2,000 pre-tested cloud applications via a self service portal, allowing them to easily tailor, monitor and manage services.

The service has been developed through a close relationship with VCE, the global leader in converged cloud infrastructure systems.

Praveen Akkiraju, chief executive officer at VCE, said: “Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing markets as companies look to modernise their infrastructure and mobilise their business. VCE directly addresses these challenges by simplifying and accelerating infrastructure deployments for cloud providers, which helps them realise faster time to value with reduced risk. This partnership brings two strong industry leaders together to enable businesses to easily and securely migrate to the cloud, resulting in lower costs and higher business performance.”

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