‘Really Useful Days’ aim to help local councils improve user experience of their sites


The Department for Communities and Local Government has teamed up with the London Borough of Camden to run a series of free events in a bid to improve the user experience of local authority websites across England, Wales and Scotland, UKAuthority has reported.

The ‘Really Useful Days’ are one-day workshops aimed at “anyone in a local authority whose input is necessary to improve its website” to help share best practice across the country. Attendees will look at various online transactions, such as applying for Housing Benefits, and see what works well and what could be improved.

“Attendees have told us that the events are their only opportunity to network with other councils in their area”, says Abby Rudland, event manager for Really Useful Days. “They’ve also told us the events were an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and meet others facing similar challenges. By taking the event to various regions across the country, the events are feasible for local authorities on restricted budgets and they help to reduce organisations’ carbon footprint.”

In addition to these exercises there will also be speakers from central and local government, talking on topics such as apps and improving your mobile web presence.

The next event will be in Nottingham on 20th September. To book your place, visit: http://www.localdirect.gov.uk/events/gov-uk-and-user-journeys-nottingham/

For more on the Local Digital campaign see: http://www.ukauthority.com/LocalDigital . For the full list of forthcoming Really Useful Days see: http://www.localdirect.gov.uk/events/calendar/

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